BSTS is conducting visits to community groups, schools and various organizations in Bali and around Indonesia to spread information regarding sea turtle protection. This activity is focused more in the coastal communities who live in the areas surrounding nesting beaches in Bali.

BSTS campaign for sea turtle protection through the distribution of brochures and stickers, online social media and also by the exhibition of sea turtle protection procedures which is focused on Kuta Beach. By targeting the tourists in Kuta Beach, information about sea turtle protection will reach not only local and national visitors but also international tourists.


BSTS record data including: (1) the number of sea turtles coming to lay eggs, including the location, species, curve carapace length, clutch size and flipper tag number for each individual sea turtle; (2) the number of successful hatchings; (3) the number of stranded sea turtles found on the beach.

BSTS relocate the sea turtle eggs from the location on the beach where the turtles lay to a protected hatchery. This is done concerning threats that endanger the eggs in their original nesting locations such as erosion, high tide, traffic of tourists, feral dogs and irresponsible human action.

BSTS help the management authority for rescuing and releasing confiscated turtles that have been traded. During the west monsoon season BSTS rescues sea turtles that have been stranded on the beach.

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